Tickets can be purchased individually or as a table of 10, this is not a typical award's so don’t expect black tie and sitting on your table all night, we are here to mingle!

The dress code is smart, we want you looking good, but no need to rent a tux.

On arrival you will be served with a SocialDay cocktail, you’ll talk with colleagues and meet new people who you’ll think you've known for years! That's because they are like minded and it's also the secret sauce to our events, the networking is legendary.

While you're tapping your feet to our best awards tunes, before long we’ll serve you some food, and then we’ll invite you to take you seat in front of the stage and start the awards!!!

Our ceremony differs from most, they’ll be loud music, we encourage dancing up to the stage, and lucky winners will be encouraged to take pictures for social media, the official photographer will treat you like a celebrity on the red carpet.

We promise to make the ceremony as quickly as possible (but not rushed) as you guys will want to get back to the music and networking, Once the Best of the best award has been given out, the DJ will crank up the tunes for what promises to be an evening of fun, we dare you to try and stand still and not enjoy the music!!!

This is the greatest show! (well until the tab runs out)

Tickets are £99+Vat and can be purchased here

If you require tickets to be invoiced, please email us and these will need to be paid prior to the event