Sponsors and Supporters


Our supporters and sponsors help to make the event extra special! To support the awards please contact us on info@socialday.co.uk we have a range of exciting opportunities available.



Avviso Media

Empowering business to be relevant in an ever changing digital world. Working with marketers and company directors to connect with customers and audiences through engaging content that delivers a return on investment.

Digital Women



Digital Women is a digital skill sharing community set up to empower 1+Million women through digital skills. Here women network and boost digital skills and be inspired by inspirational women in digital business.


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Award Sponsor - Listening and Analytics

Ten Bear Social.

Ten Bear Social are the go-to agency for social media analytics and social listening services. We help you make sense of your social data.

They live and breathe data analytics, so every service they offer specialises in getting you the most value from brand, competitive and industry insights. Whether you already have a monitoring tool in-house, are looking for the best software solution, or simply need a social analytics agency to deliver insights; they work directly with your team to provide you with the key support needed to optimise social listening within your business. 


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Social Circle

Social Circle is a monthly social media networking event in Birmingham at 1000 Trades in the Jewellery Quarter. The event is for like-minded social marketers and business owners who are looking to join in the conversation about new innovations in social media and the latest marketing campaigns. We also have an inspirational talk from a local marketer each month too.